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1 10/24/2018

Medical crowdfunding steers millions in donations to dangerous snake oil


Headline vs. study: Promises for your heart, brain, and the common flu

2 5/24/2018

In portraying a silver lining to Santa Fe school shooting, news stories mislead public about GoFundMe campaign for victim’s husband


Crowdfunding’s dark side: When patients seek help paying for stem cell treatments, misinformation rules

2 2/27/2018

News coverage of crowdfunding appeals may help some people, but hidden costs are steep


Animated map illustrates ‘wildfire spread’ of unregulated stem cell clinics in U.S.


Smithsonian’s imbalanced stem cell coverage: Will it help dodgy clinics lure desperate patients?

1 11/2/2017

In need of scrutiny: Misleading stem cell claims by academic medical centers


Headline vs. study: Stem cells ‘slow aging’ and ‘rejuvenate’ old hearts


FDA announces action against two stem cell clinics: Is that a ‘crackdown’?