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Podcast microphoneWe began producing audio podcasts in August, 2015 because we wanted our users to have the opportunity to hear and to learn directly from a variety of people with different perspectives: expert commentary from physicians and researchers, smart patients reflecting on the impact of media messages, stand-out health care journalists, and other media analyses. The response has been so positive that we are now committed to producing these regularly.

Production of the first 25 episodes was supported by a grant from The National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation.

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Episode 50: The top 10 quotes of 2018

Episode 49: Our team reflects on what we’ve learned

Episode 48: The polluted stream of health care information

Episode 47: The problematic promise of a ‘cure’ for Alzheimer’s disease

Episode 46: Emergency docs highlight toxic health care myths

Episode 45: The clear and present danger of too much healthcare

Episode 44: The Language of Cancer

Episode 43: The New & (Un)improved Doctor-Patient Relationship

Episode 42: Gut Punch: Marketing microbiome hype

Episode 41: Doctors Who Blog

Episode 40: Tim Caulfield: Fighting Goop & cheating death

Episode 39: The Promise of Precision Medicine

Episode 38: The top ten quotes of 2017

Episode 37: Victor Montori, MD: A Mayo Clinic doctor calls for a patient revolution

Episode 36: WCSJ2017: Should a journalism conference be sponsored by industries the journalists report on?

Episode 35: Allen Frances, MD: A psychiatrist’s take on the DSM, Pharma, and Donald Trump

Episode 34: Health Care Costs — ‘a problem hiding in plain sight’

Episode 33: The Wild West of Stem Cells

Episode 32: “The List”…of industry-independent experts for journalists – originated by Shannon Brownlee & Jeanne Lenzer

Episode 31: DCIS: Searching for Clarity

Episode 30: Memoirs of a Female Surgeon

Episode 29: Why would a 23-year-old graduate student choose to live in a nursing home?

Episode 28: Wellness Programs: Do they work?

Episode 27:  Journalist Howard Wolinsky on why he chose active surveillance – not immediate treatment – for prostate cancer

Episode 26:  David Durenberger, former U.S. Senator (R-MN) on the challenges of health care reform and journalism on that topic

Episode 25:  Gerd Gigerenzer: “Health care should not systematically mislead the public about benefits and harms.”

Episode 24: Medical music video parodies by James McCormack, PharmD

Episode 23: ShowMoreSpine campaign against osteoporosis overdiagnosis/overtreatment 

Episode 22: Dr. Vinay Prasad on cancer moonshot, precision medicine, cost of cancer drugs, journalism & more. 

Episode 21: Melissa Phipps – What it’s like trying to make breast cancer decisions while conflicting news stories swirl about

Episode 20:  AnneMarie Ciccarella – blogger criticizes celebrity breast cancer news

Episode 19:  Sharon Begley – nearly 4 decades of excellence in medical science journalism

Episode 18: Celebrating 10th anniversary of – with original contributors Harry DeMonaco, Drs. Steve Atlas, Karen Carlson, Kathleen Fairfield

Episode 17: Migraine Media Mess, with Teri Robert, migraine patient advocate

Episode 16:  John Fauber, watchdog on conflicts of interest in health care

Episode 15: Michele Manion, founder, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Foundation – on harm caused by misleading journal article title

Episode 14: Christie Aschwanden – 1st in occasional series on standouts in health care journalism

Episode 13: Real harm to real people from shoddy PR news releases

Episode 12:   Year-end podcast reflecting on best year yet on

Episode 11: Jennifer Miller, PhD and the “Good Pharma Scorecard”

Episode 10:  Brian Nosek, PhD – Center for Open Science

Episode 9:  John Ioannidis, MD – “the scourge of sloppy science”

Episode 8: Teppo Järvinen, MD: A Finn with a bone to pick about osteoporosis diagnosis & treatment

Episode 7: Jean Silver-Isenstadt, MD – 10th anniversary of National Physicians Alliance

Episode 6: James Rickert, MD – overdiagnosis in orthopedics

Episode 5: Otis Brawley, MD – pathologic profiling: cancer overdiagnosis issues

Episode 4: Laura Esserman, MD – the DCIS dilemma

Episode 3: Saurabh Jha, MD – the arsonist and the firefighter: overdiagnosis issues in radiology

Episode 2: John S. Yudkin, MD – Idolatry of the Surrogate/overdiagnosis in diabetes

Episode 1:  Hanna Bloomfield, the mild-mannered MD who became mad as hell


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